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1. Take A (Brand) Selfie

Businesses need to see the value and art of first-person or “selfie” video content. Consumers are becoming less accepting of traditional promo-based messaging. A selfie approach to video content on Snapchat, IG stories and IGTV makes brands more relatable. Viewers spend hours watching friends on Snapchat and IG Stories, so befriend them with content that offers a firsthand look at your brand. – Stephen Rosa(add)ventures

2. Segment Your Social Audiences

Most companies don’t ever take this into consideration when they are running ads. Understand where the prospect is in relation to their problem. When marketing to someone who doesn’t know they have a problem vs. someone who knows they have a problem, the message is very different. Social media is about segmenting audiences so you can be relevant to the right audience at the right time. – Imran TariqWebMetrix Group LLC

3. Deliver Quality Over Quantity

As social platforms evolve, businesses jump onto these trends and flood the platforms with subpar content in an attempt to ride the wave. This causes the very customers they’re trying to attract to tune out before they’ve even processed what businesses are trying to communicate. Curb the impulse to produce content for the sake of doing so. Be purposeful. – Mae CromwellPACIFIC

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