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Sales and marketing need to work together for a business to have success, here are 3 reasons a CRM just became a must-have for SMB sales and marketing. Small Business Trends gets very specific with its reasons.

The relationship between sales and marketing has always gotten a bad rap. After all, both teams share the same ultimate goal, which is driving revenue. The problem is they use different yardsticks to measure their success along the way. Sales has specific quotas for deals closed and dollars earned. Marketers, on the other hand, use measurements like impressions, clicks and leads.

As a result, it’s always been difficult to coordinate efforts between sales and marketing. And it can be even harder to connect the dots between marketing efforts and sales results. In the last few years, though, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have changed everything by combining sales and marketing tools in a single platform. A CRM lets everyone access and use complete customer information in one place. Now, sales and marketing have a shared view of who’s engaged with a customer, how they’ve done it, how customers have responded, where they are in the funnel and much more.

For small and midsize businesses, CRM has been an especially huge boon because it gives them the same technology as larger enterprises. And now, B2Bs are in the midst of three dramatic changes that have made CRM more indispensable than ever for closing the gap between sales and marketing.

-Small Business Trends

If you want to learn more about CRM, you can read the full article here

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