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YouTube can help spread the word about your business but are you using its full potential? has compiled the 6 top tips from Jason Rich’s book Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business.

1. Showcase customer testimonials

If you’ve been in business for a while and have earned the respect of many loyal customers or clients, using a YouTube video to showcase some of these people or companies providing real testimonials for your products/service can be a highly effective and low-cost promotional and sales tool.

2. Present a call to action

Because YouTube allows you to speak directly to your audience, you can use your videos to encourage viewers to take a specific action after watching your video. A video’s call to action is a request for people to take an immediate action — such as visit your website, “like” the video, subscribe to your YouTube channel, call a toll-free phone number, send someone an email, share the video’s link with their friends, make a donation or make a purchase.

For a business selling a product, one potential call to action is to embed a link within your video to a website that offers a money-saving coupon or special offer for what you’re selling. This might be 20 percent off the purchase price (for a limited time), free shipping, a buy-one-get-one-free offer or some other incentive to encourage someone to make an immediate purchase. Make it clear within the video that it’s an exclusive offer for people watching the video and make the “special offer” available immediately at the end of the video.

3. Create mindless entertainment, but use product placement

Many people turn to YouTube for entertainment because the service is chock-full of funny, whimsical and outrageous videos. You or your company can jump on this bandwagon and produce videos that offer mindless entertainment but, at the same time, include subtle product placements or marketing messages about your company or its products within the videos. For this type of video, creativity is essential, as what you post needs to be unique, engaging, funny and entertaining. Again, taking a soft-sell approach is key.

-Jason Rich

To read the last 3 tips and more on YouTube for business, click here to access the full article.

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