Interviews and insights with Ottawa entrepreneurs.


On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Henry Patterson, Founder of Odd Jobz .

Henry shares his journey from working in the public sector to starting his own business. Henry also talks about his philosophy on managing his team.

A few years ago, Henry’s wife asked him to clean out the garage which had become over-run with stuff. After a bold attempt to do this job on his own, he realized that he simply had too many other tasks competing for his time. What was even more shocking was that he couldn’t find anyone willing to do the job. If you need a small job done Odd Jobz are happy to help you complete it, at a reasonable cost and in a realistic time frame. They do what has to be done!

  • General Household Repairs
  • Painting
  • Yard Work
  • Garage/basement clean-up
  • Removal of Rubbish
  • Downsizing

…and more!

To learn more about Odd Jobz, visit their website here.


On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Alysen Clark, Founder of Mind Gain.

Alysen talks about how she originally didn’t want to be an entrepreneur, but her dad talked her into it. Alsyen now thinks that this was the best decision of her life.

MindGain provides physiologically relevant levels of neurotransmitter precursors.  Your brain uses chemicals, called neurotransmitters, to send signals between cells.  Your body, using nutrients you take in, makes these neurotransmitters.  In particular, amino acids are critical to neurotransmitter form and function.  Specific amino acids are able to cross the blood brain barrier, where your brain turns them into these signalling molecules.  In the olden days, you would obtain all the nutrients you need from your diet.  Nowadays, the demands we put on our brains far surpasses anything from previous times.

To learn more about Mind Gain, visit their website here.


On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Jonnel Sloane, Founder of Farm 2 Fork.

Jonnel shares how he came up with his unique business idea. Jonnel also talks about how he manages the fast growth his company has been on since they have launched.

Farm 2 Fork is built on the idea that better food means better living. They believe that when you eat great food that is free from fillers, raised in a way that is consistent with your values – both your body and your brain will thank you. They believe that when you eat great food, eating becomes an experience to savour instead of just a necessity. They believe that everyone deserves to eat better food, so they can live better!

To learn more about Farm 2 Fork, visit their Facebook page here.


On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Andre Richards, Co-Founder and CTO of Micrometrics.

Andre shares his journey from working for a large corporation to launching his company. He also talks about how he’s managing to maintain and grow his corporate culture as he adds more employees.

MicroMetrics’ vision is shaped by their collective belief that the world is not entirely directed by numbers, data & technology — but more importantly, by authenticity, humanity & emotion. MicroMetrics empowers teams around the world. From Beijing to Berlin to Mexico City, thousands of customer-focused associates trust their solutions to build lasting relationships through CX innovation. Their team builds solutions that empower the world’s top brands to deliver memorable experiences and cultivate strong relationships with their customers. Their flagship product Helix supports their mission to power memorable guest experiences for the world’s top hotel brands.

To learn more about Micrometrics, visit their website here.

Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast – Elite Performance Academy

On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Pat Woodcock, Co-Owner of Elite Performance Academy.

Pat shares the lessons he’s learned from when he was a professional football player. Pat also talks about how he can use those lessons and apply them to his business as an entrepreneur.

ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is fast becoming the premier Athlete Development destination in OTTAWA.  They expose their athletes to a training environment that promotes success, and we give them the tools and opportunity to be successful on and off the playing surface.  EPA is a full-service Athlete Development Program, with expertise and proven results in: Strength and power development, Speed, agility, quickness training, Flexibility improvement, Injury Prevention and correction, Nutrition recommendations, Sport-specific skills coaching. The impact of ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY athletes can be seen through virtually all areas of sport.

To learn more about Elite Performance Academy, visit their website here.