Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast – 4My Auto

In this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs podcast, Pat hosts Guy Lagace.

Guy is the owner of 4My Auto. With his business experience being from another professional industry, Guy has built 4My Auto on his passion for cars and customer service.

The customer service at 4My Auto comes first. Every vehicle that arrives is personally taken care of by one of the many experienced staff members in Guy’s shop. 4My Auto is a one stop shop for all your vehicles needs and can promise you the competitive pricing and care that you deserve. Here are a few highlights from the conversation.

  • How Guy’s background helped him find his new business venture in 4My Auto.
  • The importance of customer service in the vehicle service and repair industry.
  • Business lessons that Guy learned when he started his company.
  • The changes to the vehicle service and repair industry that are important to know.
  • How Guy prioritizes tasks for himself and his employees.
  • He shares an analogy that has helped him as an entrepreneur.
  • He shares his insight and opinion on the right time to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

You can read more about 4My Auto here : 4My Auto  And on Facebook here : 4My Auto Facebook