Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast – eRezLife

On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Chad Elliott, Founder and CEO of eRezLife.

Chad talks about his entrepreneurial journey from his beginnings in Vancouver all the way to Ottawa. He shares all the different lessons he’s learned as he was growing his business.

ERezLife is a digital software that helps university and college housing operations. They digitize and streamline the process for student’s and staff to help manage the various details that are associated with college and university housing. They also provide institutions of higher education with cloud-based services to manage their various campus communities and processes. Their goal is to eliminate the expense and inefficiencies of paperwork and manual labor associated with managing these diverse communities across campus. ERezLife has been providing institutions in the United States, Canada, and abroad with software for over 10 years and has over 200 different implementations of their platform.

Watch the highlights here.

To learn more about eRezLife, visit their website here.