On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Renee Ellison, Founder of Fleurish Cannabis.

Renee shares her story on her transition from the public service to starting her own company. She also shares her long journey from idea to implementation.

Fleurish looks to find balance with a holistic approach to health and specifically focusing on the unique needs of women and how cannabis can help. Inspired by their experiences with family and health care, their company is about empowering women in making informed decisions about their health and to help build strong community ties through education and support. Fleurish’s mandate is to provide information and guidance so that our consumers can feel confident on whether cannabis is right for them. What is unique about Fleurish is that their holistic and ethical approach to cannabis and women’s health starts right on the growers floor with the thought and purpose of improving cultivation and advocacy for our communities.

Watch the highlights here.

To learn more about Fleurish, visit their website here.