On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Sebastian Hadjiantoniou, Co-Founder and CEO of Incuvers.

Sebastian shares his story from getting his Ph.D to becoming an entrepreneur. He also gives advice about how surrounding yourself with great people can help you move you business forward.

Incuvers created an incubator called IRIS – a tri-gas incubator that gives you complete modular control over CO2, temperature, and O2. As the Incuvers community grows, IRIS will begin to harnesses AI to compare your analytics with other researchers around the world. This global benchmarking means that you always have relative information on how your experiments are performing. Their vision is of one platform connecting all of the world’s cellular researchers through a common technology. IRIS isn’t just a space to grow cells; it becomes your very own virtual lab assistant and a point of connection within a global network of likeminded researchers.

Watch the highlights here.

To learn more about Incuvers, visit their website here.