Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast – MOGL

In this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs podcast, Pat hosts Erin Hamilton from MOGL.

Erin is the owner of MOGL here in Ottawa. MOGL is a small business just like the customers they serve. They can help you in the execution of business development, marketing, strategy, operations and administration on a hourly contracted basis.

What makes MOGL unique is their accessibility to small business owners. With MOGL you’re benefiting from experienced MBA level business talent that’s typically only available to companies with large HR budgets.

Erin has a great backstory, moving to Canada from out west but having experience from all around the world in the adventure travel industry. We don’t want to spoil anything further so here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • A detailed backstory on MOGL.
  • A look at what MOGL is all about and how it can help your business.
  • How Erin found MOGL as the right fit for her.
  • The trigger that took Erin from working for someone to go into business for herself.
  • Erin shares her personal tagline and how she came across it.
  • The challenges Erin has come across with her small business to date.
  • The changes that Erin has seen in the small business landscape in her experience.
  • How Erin prioritizes her day.
  • Advice to younger entrepreneurs on starting their own business.

You can read more about MOGL here: