On this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Henry Patterson, Founder of Odd Jobz .

Henry shares his journey from working in the public sector to starting his own business. Henry also talks about his philosophy on managing his team.

A few years ago, Henry’s wife asked him to clean out the garage which had become over-run with stuff. After a bold attempt to do this job on his own, he realized that he simply had too many other tasks competing for his time. What was even more shocking was that he couldn’t find anyone willing to do the job. If you need a small job done Odd Jobz are happy to help you complete it, at a reasonable cost and in a realistic time frame. They do what has to be done!

  • General Household Repairs
  • Painting
  • Yard Work
  • Garage/basement clean-up
  • Removal of Rubbish
  • Downsizing

…and more!

To learn more about Odd Jobz, visit their website here.