Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast – Scott Stern

In this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts Scott Stern. Scott’s story is unique as he is ex-CIA agent from the United States and is now a founder of his own marketing agency based in Chicago, IL.

Scott specializes in inbound and digital marketing for businesses who have a difficult market to attract. With Scott’s particular background in the CIA, he found a passion for analysis and strategy. His experiences with the CIA have allowed him to take a different approach to marketing for his clients, in a refreshing way.

Scott shares his valuable and unique insights into the following.

  • The marketing services he specializes in and offers his clientele.
  • The correlation between marketing and the CIA .
  • The draw to owning his own small business and the changes he experienced when coming from a large company.
  • New changes to the marketing industry that Scott has noticed.
  • Changes happening in the marketing industry in the next 3-5 years.
  • How Scott prioritizes his day as a small business owner.
  • The value of strategy before tactics in marketing when it comes to being a small business owner.

You can visit Scott’s site here for more detail: