Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast – Soshal

In this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast, Pat hosts CEO & Co-founder Dave Hale from Soshal.

Soshal is a design studio that delivers both consumer and enterprise digital product design services. Dave has been recognized by Marketing Magazines 30 under 30, Profit Magazines 20 under 30 and Soshal has won numerous awards included the best Ottawa business award for outstanding new business, The Ottawa Business Journal’s “Companies to watch” and was ranked the second fastest growing company in Ottawa last year. 

Dave shares his valuable and unique insights into his industry. He covers the following.

  • The evolution of Soshal over the past 5 years.
  • What made the business successful in the early years.
  • His personal experience with branding.
  • How he emerged as an entrepreneur.
  • The direction and trends of his industry.
  • A message to young entrepreneurs regarding traditional media.
  • How he prioritizes his day.
  • His personal insights into becoming an entrepreneur.

You can find out more about Soshal on their website: