In this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs podcast, Pat hosts Steve Gaon.

Steve is a lawyer by trade and the founder of ADR Ottawa. ADR Ottawa offers a wide variety of dispute and conflict resolution services, ranging from modest to large-scale, from simple to complex.

ADR Ottawa works effectively with clients of all sizes – private citizens, public companies, government and non-governmental institutions – to achieve the most elaborate or modest dispute and conflict resolution goals.

Steve takes us through his extensive background and shares insight into a few unique experiences that eventually lead him to becoming an entrepreneur.  Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • Steve shares his insight and expertise behind what ADR does for it’s clients.
  • His extensive background in law and how it lead to his current status with ADR.
  • How mediation works and how it applies in today’s society.
  • Steve shares his journey to beginning his entrepreneurial practice.
  • He shares his thoughts on possible changes to his field in the next 3-5 years.
  • How Steve manages his time with his busy schedule.
  • His advice to entrepreneurs who are looking for the next “Big Idea”.
  • And finally, Steve shares and impersonates his favorite and most memorable TV commercials.


You can read more about ADR Ottawa here: ADR Ottawa

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