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We are over halfway through 2018 and we thought it might be a good time to highlight some of the new SEO trends present so far this year. As Google continues to crack down on low quality, spam content new updates are more important than ever. Throughout 2017, Google made countless updates to their algorithm meaning the search engine would begin favouring quality content over quantity.

SEO is becoming more important year after year, you could even argue that it becomes more important day-by-day, due to an ever changing/growing digital landscape. We know that those businesses who spend time on increasing the quality and experience of their sites will benefit greatly.

Google’s main aim is to accurately match information on a website to the users search terms. As we have previously commented the changes such as LSI keywords, cornerstone content and Rankbrain are further updates to increase the importance of quality content that matches the users search. We want to look at what’s next and how it might change the SEO landscape further.

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