Here’s how we do it:

  • 360 degree review of all aspects of your current marketing initiatives.

  • Findings and recommendations are made.

  • Based on feedback and budget a strategy is developed.

  • The strategy is implemented using members of the Extension Marketing team.

  • The strategy is measured, monitored and adjusted.

  • Three key elements to building a successful business are strategy, execution and culture. Having worked with Pat for over 10 years with the Senators, 67’s and OSEG I can attest to the fact that he embraces these principles and uses them to create successful business organizations. Pat helped to build the 67’s into a model franchise by connecting the team to the community with a wide range of successful marketing programs that increased sponsorship and ticket sales revenues. As CMO for OSEG Pat carefully put in place and empowered a sales, marketing and communication organization that is driving high returns. Pat and his company would be a tremendous asset to any business organization interested in expanding its customer base, increasing revenue and driving profits.

    Randy Burgess VP Communications, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group
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