Our services cover the full marketing spectrum.

We have specialists to meet your needs and budget, in the following categories

Graphic Design

Do you want works of art or art that works?

Research and Analytics

The foundation of effective marketing. Who, What, When, Why and How.

Lead Conversion and Sales Processes

At the end of the day marketing’s primary purpose is to drive leads to your business. A good sales plan converts those leads to sales.


What mediums are you using and are they working. If not why not?


A great persuasion tool, if it’s used properly.

Community Relations

What is your strategy to give back to the community that serves you?


Any event you participate in should serve a purpose that is aligned with your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Usually a neglected area but one that is very effective in turning your customers into fans of your business.

Social Media

Which platforms are best for your business and why.

Digital and SEO

As each new digital trend emerges the businesses that are best at adapting and making it work for them are winning online.


Are your internal and external communications in line with your marketing strategy?

Promotional Items

Do they end up in the trash or are they serving their purpose?

  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Pat Whalen for over 25 years. In addition, I had the opportunity to work alongside Pat as well as have been an outside client. Pat epitomizes how a hardworking, loyal, trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced professional deals with people, business and clients. An expert in sales and marketing, Pat compliments that experience with sound financial and business management, strategic planning and operations. Not afraid to roll up his sleeves, Pat leads by example. He is a true leader who I would recommend to any organization looking to engage him and his Extension Marketing company in any capacity.

    Greg Graham President, Cardel Homes
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