In the marketing world, you will often hear a common refrain reminding businesses that “content is king”. This quote is often attributed to Bill Gates, but the statement ought to come with a distinguishing caveat. Quality content is king. Any old piece of content will not drive profitable customer actions for your Ottawa business. So, what is content marketing and why does your business need its benefits? Continue reading to find out.

What Is Content Marketing?

As the name implies, content marketing entails using content to market, but the definition is not quite that simple. More specifically, content marketing requires providing written, visual or audio content that creates value for your target audience. Without value, content is simply useless filler that won’t help your brand reach its end goal, which is attracting a large number of your defined audience in a way that drives said audience into profitable actions as customers.

A natural question you might have is what makes content marketing different from, say, an advertisement. The fundamental answer depends on whether or not the content being presented to the consumer offers something of value. Depending on the target audience, valuable content may range from published media such as books to media such as informative podcasts and effective content marketing videos. Other forms of content marketing include:

  • White Papers
  • Webpages
  • Infographics
  • Apps
  • Presentations
  • E-books
  • Blogs
  • And More

In short, if the content is valuable and drives profitable customer action, it has a place in your content marketing campaign. How should a business define what is valuable? To answer this essential content marketing question, it helps to look at the question through the lens of why content marketing is so important for business success.

The Importance of Content Marketing for Online Business

Without valuable content, a business simply cannot compete on even footing with rival businesses. Content marketing that prioritizes value is essentially evergreen, meaning that the content will endure. Instead of marketing based around a trend or fleeting fad, content marketing is a long-term value proposition that produces long-term growth for your brand. Put another way, content marketing prevents the relationship between business and customer from becoming a short-term romance. Instead, content marketing produces a long-term connection that integrally connects the customer and the business.

Content marketing also gives your Ottawa business a unique voice. Instead of getting drowned out in the sea of competition, your business can demand attention by offering more valuable content than your competitors. This is particularly helpful for small businesses needing to stand out in a crowded field. Creating new content on your blogs with static and evergreen content based on heavily searched Internet queries in your industry gives your brand a wide reach and a trusted reputation. All the while, you will provide value by answering the pressing questions of potential customers.

With content marketing your Ottawa business will be able to:

  • Boost Brand Awareness
  • Establish Itself As a Reliable Expert in the Industry
  • Share Value That Consistently Brings in More Customers
  • Keep the Business Website Relevant Rather Than Stagnant
  • Continually Strategize to Stay on Top of What Your Customers Value

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