Digital and SEO marketing content is an essential linchpin for strategic content marketing. Ottawa businesses need to look beyond their brick and mortar reputation to thrive in the digital age. The difference between happy and unhappy customers online can make the difference between a successful business and a failed one. Here are a few reasons why your Ottawa business needs to tap into the benefits of digital marketing to succeed.

Why Digital Marketing Matters

No matter the size of your Ottawa business, digital marketing has the ability to boost your brand in a major way. Like any aspect of a successful business, effective digital marketing hinges on developing a cohesive and detailed marketing strategy. A proven strategic marketing agency in Ottawa is always a great idea for businesses who understand the need for effective marketing strategies.

With a strategic marketing agency, your business will enjoy the following digital marketing benefits:

  • The ability to reach a wider audience
  • Enhancing your business reputation while growing your brand
  • Putting a personalized face on your business
  • The ability to leverage quality content into profitable customer actions

Having an effective digital marketing strategy creates a long-term online footprint for your business, highlighting its ability to attract and keep happy customers.

SEO Is a Critical Component of Digital Marketing

While digital marketing is important, without effective search engine optimization (SEO), the business benefits are needlessly limited. Imagine, for a moment, that you have a product the world needs to see. You know that if your product attracts enough eyeballs, consumer demand will skyrocket.  The only problem is, given the seemingly infinite nature of the Internet, attracting potential customers to your website to even view the product in the first place is a daunting idea.

SEO is designed to give you the online visibility your business needs to reach a wider audience. Search engines do not understand the appeal of your product in the same way that a potential customer would. A search engine needs effective clues to understand the context of your content/products.

Utilizing effective digital marketing takes SEO rankings, capabilities and limitations into account so your business develops compelling online content that raises your business profile in online search rankings. Too many great online businesses go unnoticed merely because the website uses incorrect SEO practices or fails to capitalize on SEO with maximum efficiency.

A classic example of this is failing to build a mobile friendly website. Effective digital marketing through an SEO-friendly website requires valuing the mobile user. By 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphones globally. In 2016 alone, estimates indicate there will be more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. These figures say nothing of the many consumers using tablets and other mobile devices as well.

Effective digital marketing hinges on driving focused traffic to your Ottawa business, and our content marketing services will help you do just that. Contact Extension Marketing to learn more about why our digital marketing and SEO services are the right choice for your Ottawa business.

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