Integrating social media marketing into Ottawa business marketing strategies is a crucial way to set your brand apart from competitors. Here is a closer look at why social media is so valuable and how your business can utilize social media marketing effectively.

Why Social Media Is So Valuable

Social media is valuable, first and foremost, because it is where large swaths of consumers go when they are looking to make a purchase. Statistics show that 46% of web users look toward social media when they are considering a purchase. Just as important, the average American spends over a half hour each day on social networking activity.

Top brands have tapped into these benefits, which is why well over 9 in 10 top brands have a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Small businesses are tapping into the benefits of social media as well, evidenced by 8 in 10 small businesses that use social media to fuel their business growth.

Social media is a valuable way for your Ottawa business to:

  • Increase Web Traffic and Visibility for Your Brand
  • Gain Actionable Data and Market Insights
  • Attract New Customers and Grow Your Customer Base
  • Use a Wide Range of Compelling Marketing Content Depending on the Social Media Platform

The Business Benefits From Effective Social Media Strategies

Ottawa businesses that fail to tap into social media effectively get left behind by their business rivals. Customers look to social media for the latest product information, valuable discounts or even entertaining content covering the products they love. More importantly, they can interact with your brand in meaningful ways by providing important feedback you can use to improve customer service and/or future products.

Three social media platforms are especially important when it comes to leveraging these social media benefits for your business success. Namely, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the primary social media platforms to use. In recent years, Instagram and similar picture sharing platforms have been cleverly utilized by businesses, but be sure to nail down effective social media for the “big 3” platforms before branching out further. 

LinkedIn is an essential resource for businesses that depend on networking with other professionals. With LinkedIn you will be able to connect with other professionals as well as list your business in the LinkedIn company directory for free. You can also get valuable business answers or provide them through LinkedIn answers, a valuable tool for expanding business knowledge or cementing your status as an Ottawa expert in your field of business. In short, if your business could stand to gain some more business networking influence, LinkedIn is the way to achieve that goal.

Facebook and Twitter, for their part, are essential for building a global and/or local presence to build your brand and grow sales. Facebook is a uniquely beneficial way to reach a wide Ottawa audience with your business content. Whether you have a new photo or video advertisement to share or an exciting product to announce, Facebook is a great way to announce it to a wide audience as well as your current customers.

Additionally, over 9 in 10 Twitter users follow businesses on Twitter to get discounts and promotions, and 67% of Twitter users state they are far more likely to buy from brands they follow on the platform. By providing entertaining and valuable content, your Twitter platform builds your online presence, enhances your reputation, drives sales and attracts more customers in one fell swoop.

Social media is simply too valuable for marketing purposes for Ottawa businesses to ignore. Extension Marketing offers valuable social media marketing services in Ottawa for businesses needing to take advantage of the unique benefits provided by these platforms. Contact our team to learn more about how Extension Marketing is the right strategic marketing agency for your social media needs.

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