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The worlds of PR and marketing may seem interchangeable for those who are not familiar with the industries, but it’s important that SMEs know the differences.

PR 101: How is it different from marketing?

Out of the two, PR is probably the most ambiguous industry. It’s touted in our culture as a glamorous, and sometimes frivolous occupation, cue the iconic TV programme ‘Absolutely Fabulous‘ that featured two champagne loving PR professionals who didn’t seem to do much work at all. But as we’ve already heard, the industry is worth a lot of money, so what’s it all about?

The goal-posts in PR are less sales-focus, instead, it’s more about reputation management, and communicating brand positive messages to the customers and stakeholders of clients.

Whilst marketing looks at short-term investments and associated pay-offs, PR looks at the long-term results of fostering positive relationships and cultivating a solid brand reputation for their clients.

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